Our vision

We learn, play, enjoy ourselves, help, grow up here and grow into depth.

We want our children to have all the learning opportunities that we think are meaningful and enriching. 

Therefore we have a class for the smallest established and guided in the spirit of Montessori pedagogy and we try to extend art therapy and music therapy, or creative drama to the whole nursery.

We would like our teachers to find a quality professional environment with the possibility of further education and a pleasant team. That is why our teachers attend  various courses.

We would like to make a kindergarten supplement with quality teaching materials. That is why we use the offer of interesting stone shops and e-shops, prijemneveci.sk, montemama.eu ....

We are trying to extend montessori approach to all classes. We will expand English to the other class as well in September.

We fully support the participation of parents in life in the school world. That is why we are very happy to meet at our kindergarten’s arbour meetings and common workshops and lectures.

We are trying to expand our work with children outside the yard. We work with the Senior Home on Pažitkova st. and in collaboration with parents, we collect clothes and toys for children and families in need.

We spend as much time outside as possible with our kids, using our yard and garden where we always have what to do. We're outside even though it's raining, even if it's freezing ... even in a stronger wind. We plant flowers, grow tomatoes, take care of our herb garden.

We regularly take trips outside of  Bratislava, carefully choose places where we are in nature, possibly among animals and where we have a lot of space for freedom and movement. We are glad to see galleries, exhibitions and theaters, and do not miss the educational concerts in the old town.

We are constantly working to promote healthy and full-fledged meals and make full use of local resources.

We use the services of Maškrtníček, Good apples, we shop at Fresh Market.

We became part of the Healthy Children in Kindergarten Project. Our children's meals will be under the supervision of nutritional advisors, specializing in children’s diet, prepared from local and seasonal ingredients.

Jedálny lístok

We opened the door to talented young people and gave them space in the form of interest circles.

We do not resist a variety of cooperation with interesting people. And that's why Walldesign specialists drew on the walls and the children are learning Circus Kus, so Samcho and Lucinka are going to entertain us ... so we regularly invite the Danube Wave and Ujo Hoblin Theater.

Visit us!

Nájdete nás v rodinnom dome, kde všetci žijeme ako jedna veľká rodina.

Nám. M.Benku 1
Bratislava 811 07
(+421) 944 476 202 
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