We hope that we will also contribute to where your child is heading, and what path he chooses.

When do you accept children?
All year long, if we have a vacancy..

How can I sign up for my child?
The application you find here. We recommend that you call and arrange a personal meeting with us and a tour of the nursery/kindergarten.

What do I need to get started?
A filled-in application, a questionnaire to be received at a nursery and a confirmation from the doctor about the health of the child.

What does an adaptation look like?
Very individual. We set it up according to the parent and the nature of the child. We recommend one week of short-term attendance and then decide how to proceed. Adaptation usually doesn’t last  more than a month.

What forms of attendance are possible?
Half-day and all-day.

What do I need to bring to the nursery?
Inside shoes, pyjamas, replacement clothes, toothbrush and paste, if necessary, your diapers and wet napkins.

How do you aproach illnesses?
We have a certain degree of tolerance towards noples and coughs, but we are betting on mutual trust between us and parents, and understanding that sick children do not belong to the nursery. Even when an adult is sick, he is better at home in bed.

Do you pay back a monthly fee if my child does not go to school?
We do not pay back the monthly fee during the year and the usual dropout. In case of a long absence, we approach each case individually.

How about food intolerances?
We can deal with all of them and offer a replacement menu.

Do you speak english?:-)
We have an open bilingual class with an excellent teacher, Alex. Once a year, we have an open hour for parents to see how the class works.
In other classes, English is included in the weekly curriculum.

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