We want each of us to become a happy, content, balanced and well rounded being full of enthusiasm and loving life.

The small ones
children aged 1-3 years
In Class of The small ones there is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We laugh a lot and we have a lot of fun. We have room for free play that will support our healthy psychological and mental development. The mode and rules ensure a sense of security, flexibility for our individual needs.

Our teacher develops our skills and abilities. She leads us to independence so we can feel capable and proud of ourselves. She is not afraid of our anger and weep, teaching us to manage them.

We look forward to physical activities every day, love music and singing. We make and create a lot, get to know the world around us. We look forward to every new friend.

The big ones
children aged 3-6 years
Our Big Ones. Children aged 3 to 6 years, however, are more enriching teams. We are all great friends! The younger ones like to learn from the older ones and older, with joy and pleasure, help younger or less experienced friends.

Our aproach to children is empathetic, calm and friendly, we are understanding.We all are equal - older, younger, teacher, or child.

Step by step we learn self-reliance, consolidate the habits of hygiene, proper eating, and refine the practice of changing (taking of and putting on)our clothes and shoes.

We are constantly working on exercising our memories (rymes and songs), rough motility (through morning excercises  and dancing, outdoor activities) as well as fine motility (drawing worksheets, artworks, or fine motility activities).

We lead children to have a rich speech, mutual respect and a positive approach to the rules of the Monday community that we begin every new week - a carpet circle on the current topic that will accompany us next week or our recent experiences.

Together we read fairy tales/stories - especially before bedtime, we sing, fall asleep together, together we wake up. We learn to be patient and tolerant, thanks to the fact, that we do many things together.

We play musical instruments such as guitar, ukulele, calimba, which are used both as accompanying instruments for the songs we learn, and also as means of soothing, relaxing - especially before sleeping.

We teach respect not only to ourselves and to other people but also to the animals, and to the living and non-living nature.

Together, we recognize nature's transformation through seasons, by having a direct contact with nature, talking about animals and the need to protect and care for them. We show the balance and purity of nature in a suitable way.

Bilingválna trieda
Bilingual class 
children aged 2-5 years
In our ENGLISH CLASS  we communicate in English in all forms. We are a team led to curiosity, discovery, questions, creativity, fantasy, fairness, and building mutual respect.

The principle of teaching English is based on "student-centred learning", where the pupil is first and foremost motivated to his / her own success. Children in pre-school age are miraculous in how quickly they learn language by natural means.

We want to know what others know, but understand and give it to others who do not speak our language. We love interesting fasts about all cultures and connect them in our class.

You do not understand? It doesn't matter, I'll give you a hint, and I know you will understand.

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